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PO Box 265, Lake George, MI 48633

President Sandie Mann


V. President: Mike Green         Sect: Lorraine Akin       Treas.: Gail White

                     588-6428                   588-9658                         588-6257

   Board: Jim Johnson, Irv Mann, Carol Maas, Betty Gniech, and Pat Johnson


November 2014

FALL GREETINGS!  We have a lot of people to THANK in this Newsletter:

Sue Green for keeping The Club floors looking so good; Mike Green and his helpers for running a successful Trap season;  Fairchild & Green for the donation of a microwave; Gail White & Ken Waryas for chairing  The 10th Annual Golf Outing, the people who helped at the golf course and the dinner;

JR for cooking the fish for The Fish Dinner, the workers and people who donated food; the men who cooked the chicken for the BBQ, the workers and the people who donated food; Dude Updyke for the donation of the huge case of paper towels; and Sandie Mann for all her work with the meals for the public.


We are in the process of collecting food and money for the Annual Thanksgiving Baskets.  We want to thank the members who have donated food and money so far.  Your help is greatly appreciated and we could not do this project without your participation.  You may drop food off at Fairchild & Green or at the Nov. Breakfast.  Make checks payable to The Boosters Club.

The donation deadline is Nov. 10th.


I have sad news to report.  Stella Hardin, a Lifetime Member and Board Member, passed away Oct. 2.  Everyone loved Stella and she will be greatly missed.  Our condolences to her family.  Thanks to the members who worked at her Funeral Dinner and provided food.


Our board will remain the same as last year and is listed on the top of the newsletter.  The board will elect officers at the Dec. meeting. An election was not necessary, because the people whose term of office was up decided to run again and no new people stepped forward to be on the board.  The board appointed Pat Johnson to take Stella’s place.


We are always in need of donations of paper products.  We can use 10” chinet paper plates, toilet paper, paper towel (have plenty for now with Dude’s donation), heavy duty plastic forks, spoons, and knives.  Coffee is always greatly appreciated too.  Many thanks to the members who have donated these items through the years.  Some people like to donate their time and others donate these types of items.  We are always thankful for any donation.  Thank You Marlene McGlashen for your recent donation.


Our newest Lifetime Member is Dude Updyke.  He has been a member for many years and has always supported our Club.  Our Member Of The Year for 2014 is Sue Green.  Sue is a former board member and gives countless hours working at the club.  Thanks Irv Mann for making the wooden plaque with Dude’s name on it for the wall. Congratulations to both of them!!


The votes are in.  Out of 106 members we had 54 ballots returned.  There were 3 votes for Option one (maintenance & repairs to include new windows, improved insulation, & updated electrical) and there were 51 votes for Option two (all of option one plus, kitchen addition & bathroom renovations).

Most voters expressed the importance of renovating the bathrooms & kitchen.  We are in the process of getting our Renovation Committee together.  We will start this whole process as soon as we can and give updates on our progress as the news becomes available when we send a newsletter.  Thank You for your votes and comments.


Our Golf Outing raised $1,624.39 for our building fund.  We are looking for some people to run the Golf Outing next year.  If you would like to do this or know someone who would call Gail White 588-6257.


There will be no Breakfasts for the months of Jan., Feb., & March.  Our first breakfast of 2015 will be April 4.  Winter Euchre is now open to the Public.  Please bring your friends and neighbors.  It starts Jan. 6, 2015 at 7pm.                                           


The Lake George Boosters Club 2014 Calendar

(may be subject to change)


November    1–-All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast 8-11

                    4,11,18,25 Early Bird Euchre 7pm, last night 25th

                   10—Donation deadline for THANKSGIVING BASKETS

December    6–-All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast 8-11

                   13–-Board Meeting: The board elects officers 10am




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