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PO Box 265, Lake George, MI 48633

President Carol Maas


V. President: Sandie Mann         Sect: Lorraine Akin                Treas.: Gail White

        231-743-9688                         588-9658                     588-6257

Board: Jim Johnson, Irv Mann, Mike Green, Betty Gniech, and Pat Johnson

April 2015


Think Spring!  After the winter we have had let’s think positive for warmer weather.  We are still accepting 2015 dues.  You may pay them at the April 4th Breakfast or mail them to the PO Box above.  Thank you to those who have

already paid your dues.  Again the dues are $20 per person.


 THANK YOU:  JR & Aaron for plowing the club lot and Jerry Burger for the donation of a steam mop for our floor.


There will be no Yard Sale this year.  Please save your “Treasurers” for 2016 when we plan to have a sale.  There will be no Book Sale this year.  We will be focusing on a Big Bake Sale.  We hope everyone will participate Sat., May 23 from 9-noon.


I am sorry to announce we lost three people who were long time members or past members.  Lou Matthews, Sandy Frank, and Ross Marvin Howard.   Our condolences go out to the families.


FROM THE PRESIDENT…By now we are receiving bids and seeing if everything we want to do for the renovation of the club will be feasible.  The renovation committee has been hard at work under the direction of Tom Krchmar, our project manager.  We have the letter from the Health Dept. that we may proceed.  As we move forward with this exciting project there will be some things that members will be able to help with.  We can use help at the end of each day doing clean up.  We can use help shortly after the April  4 breakfast getting everything moved out of the Kitchen and Back Pantry area, as well as the bar area, and putting these things in the “seating area”.  I think the best way to find out who might be willing to help is to have a sign-up sheet at the April Breakfast.  Anyone not able to come to the breakfast, can call me.  When the construction/demolition phases begin, we CANNOT have members just dropping by to see how things are going.  This is a liability and a safety issue.  If anyone would like an update, please give me a call or email me and I will happily provide one for you.  Thank You in advance to anyone who can help with the above work, and thanks for your cooperation regarding the liability and safety issues.  Carol Maas (989-588-5017) email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lorraine Akin



Lake George Boosters Club Membership/ Renewal Membership

(disregard this form if you have paid your dues, unless you would like to send us your email address if we do not have it)  Dues are $20 per person.




CHANGE OF ADDRESS_____________________________________________




EMAIL ADDRESS_______________________________________





                PO BOX 265

                LAKE GEORGE, MI 48633




(may be subject to change)

          January 1, 2015 DUES ARE DUE AND PAYABLE TO LAKE GEORGE BOOSTERS CLUB, PO BOX 265, LAKE GEORGE, MI 48633 $20 per person.



April            Euchre every Tuesday 7pm

4-All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast 8-11am

11-Board Meeting 10 am

28-Last night of Euchre and potluck party


May             2-Breakfast is questionable with renovations, watch for signs

                       around town        

                   9-General Membership Meeting 10am Everyone Welcome

                   23-BAKE SALE Downtown Lake George 9am-noon


June            4,11,18,25 Trap Shoot 5pm through Sept. 24

6-Breakfast is questionable with renovations, watch for signs

   around town

13-Board Meeting 10am






Local Time


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